Sunday, January 26, 2014

Preview of Art Center Entertainment Design Portfolio

The ACCD Entertainment Design portfolio-making is coming to a close ...and with it 7 months of artwork.
Ready to get it done with. :D

Here's a little preview of one of the pages, a cover for one of the cities I designed. I'll be posting the finished portfolio up on here soon.

Any other Art Center Entertainment Design applicants out there? No? Yes? Maybe? C'mon internet.


  1. Your portfolio is so extensive and in depth, thank you for sharing it! I'm actually also planning on applying for ED in 2015, so just looking at your portfolio makes me really excited!

    1. Hey thanks, Kei! I'm glad you liked looking through it. You have to show me some of your stuff when you're done!

      I got accepted but I'm actually moving this application to Spring 2015. Are you applying for Spring or Fall? I might see you there! :D